Archery Recording & Weather/Thunder Storms

So here it is my first actual blog post and I’m not great with words so bare with me and apologies for any grammar mistakes. It is on a completely different topic than I previously intended to write about (Originally intended to write about a portfolio piece). However since then a few systems have changed in that project and I’d like to make sure everything is solid before I actually release anything.


So recently a friend of mine wanted to create a tech demo of a simple Archery VR game.  Naturally I wanted to help out and gather and record sounds for the project and being trained in archery I was able to set up a recording sessions with ease. So decided to grab what Recording gear I have and my bow and head out into my garden for a test session to see what I could get.

So for the session I decided on only capturing the bow shooting, rather than any fly by sound or impacts. I wasn’t able to do fly by’s, simply as I didn’t have enough space where I was recording, plus I was in a very public area (shared garden space) and I have to let the arrow fly a fair distance to be able to actually capture anything worth while so in this case the dangers out weighed the positives.

Not to mention, arrows don’t really make any sound when travelling so I’d need to attach various objects to the arrow to get any form of fly by sound thus increasing the danger as it could alter the flight path etc. though sound works collection have a great piece on that:

So for actual recording process I was using two microphone set up: Rode NTG4 and the Se Electronics 4400a and recorded into my portable recorder the Tascam DR-100 mkII. So not the top of the line gear however I still got some nice results out of it all as your can hear in the playlist below.

Regards to positioning, my thought process was that the bow is kinda like a stringed instrument however just without a resonant chamber. So I wanted to try a in front relative to the archers stance (the Rode NTG4) and a “over the shoulder” position (Se 4400a) but then everything twist everything slightly so the in front position captures the the string of the bow moving forwards and vice versa.

The results are okay, though a lot of cleaning was needed, as trees and wildlife were also picked up due to the location. I was  using a three piece re curve bow (meaning the arms come apart from the main body) and its not a quality bow there is a lot of rattle within the shot which if I could get my hands on a single piece bow I reckon that problem would be gone.

So here are the samples in the rawest form only a touch of level and fade in/out.



This was a very in the moment recording session. I was working and a huge rain storm happened (I’m based in the UK rains common so normally wouldn’t be fussed however this time it was very heavy, flooded my whole street in fact, also thunder started so had to jump at the opportunity).  I didn’t know how long it would last and to save time rather than setting stuff up outside I set the recorder up by a open window.

The results are quiet amusing as I managed to capture a perspective I never really thought about that being under cover next to rain, I managed to get some nice detailed close droplets whilst also capturing a blank wash of rain further a field.

Magic moment! or at least I think it is.

Never noticed it during recording as I left my recorder just run checking now and again the battery hadn’t died. but on reviewing the recording as the rain was dying I noticed what seems to be a crow doing call and response with the thunder. whether is it or isn’t the recording is rather cool in my eyes anyway.


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