Learning Unreal Engine 4 from a Game Audio Point of View

Over the recent months I’ve seen an increase, myself included of people who want to learn the more technical side of game audio, as well how to create content inside of a game engine, for reasons such as creating a more technical showcase demo to being able to give more of a helping hands to the various teams they create with, I myself have done this for both mentioned and more. It now allows me to create some advance systems and have a fully functioning level that resembles that of a final game world to test in,  rather than just having a default grey box world.

However with this I have also seen people asking where to look to find such tutorials and learning resource. So I thought I’d put this post together to show a few of the sites and tutorials I’ve used to further my own knowledge and learn Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal Engine’s Tutorials and Sample Projects 

So obviously the main place to start would Unreal’s own tutorials and content examples, these are a great way to start looking at and learning the layout when it comes to Unreal engine (UE4). The Sample projects like the “Shooter Game” and “Platformer Game” are a great place to look into how a game is constructed and also where audio can be called and further implemented, as these two are perhaps the most complete full feeling demo out of the wide selection. Not only this but using unreal’s migration asset these content examples can be used to pull content from each of them to create your own custom level.

Next I would suggest looking into their videos, samples and tutorial section within their documentation pages, these videos and examples go through creating and building some basic game play mechanics and are all broken down and explained really well  in detail as to what each step is doing and how its doing said thing. As well in the engine examples they have a more in depth look into individual components with these tutorial looking at shaders, various function with Unreal’s blueprint system, animation and much more.

Going through all these will definitely give yourself a better understanding of the engine as a whole, making it possible to navigate around and start creating some custom content of your own

Unreal Engine Video Tutorials: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Videos/
Samples and Tutorials: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Resources/index.html

Another useful link from the UE people is the audio and blueprints that they streamed and now available on youtube:

Game Audio Implementation – Richard Stevens, Dave Raybould

This is in fact their second book, (their first book the game audio tutorial was the book that started myself looking into game audio implementation) written to teach game audio, the book looks at the basic and advance techniques, for implementing all kinds of sounds ranging from such as ambience and environments, music systems, dialogue, weapons systems and more. Though the book is predominantly teaching game audio, they use Unreal as a way to showcase all the techniques described in the booked and thus all giving you a chance to learn and play around with unreal engine, they also included a final level design to allow you to implement all you own audio with all the implementation techniques taught in the book so that you can demonstrate your understanding of the implementation techniques.

Website: http://www.gameaudioimplementation.com/


Joe Hudson Sound Design

Joe creates a series of interesting tutorial videos based around wide selection topics in Unreal engine, varying from Weapons systems and pick ups to Physics and collisions. Each of the tutorials are well designed and clear to follow, and will get your diving deep into unreal. Particularly Joe’s weapon tutorials are a great one to follow, I myself have used his techniques in a few projects. As well as the various series Joe has a few shorter videos that have some neat little tricks that aren’t completely obvious to a beginner or someone who is unfamiliar with the engine such as changing the audio listeners point of view.

Website:  http://joehudsonsounddesign.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7XmLMsvlAQXqw7DwAlfZ-A/videos


The Shooter Tutorial

For anyone wanting to create any form of advance weapon system and hit detection, this is where I would have to say is the place to start, shoot tutorial has a clear written and picture based tutorials making them easy to read and follow at your own pace, it goes through all the stages of creating a shooter game from the ground up. Starting from basic set up of a project to creating traces to calculate bullet direction to damaging characters and players, right through to scoreboards and menu’s, this website is a all in one package. Even if shooters aren’t your thing it is well worth reading through, as there is some very valuable information, that is transferable to other genres and game concepts.

Website: http://shootertutorial.com/tutorials/

AI creation

now for most games out there you’ll need some form an AI within your game, these system can be by far the most complex part of game development at least from my point of view and will required some time and effort put into them to get a realistic system. whilst unreal has tutorials for this and so do many other places throughout the web, a lot of the tutorials can be rather basic showing you a very simplified versions of AI with basic patterns, to which you are suppose to extend on. However since for myself I don’t intend on becoming a AI programmer I spent quiet a lot of time searching the internet for tutorials that will give me a far more complex AI and so I though I would just list them all here:

Hopefully looking through these resources will help you as a audio person gain a better understanding Unreal Engine and the systems that can be created within unreal, I know me personally without these I wouldn’t have been able to create some of the systems I have or at least it would of been a much higher learning curve. Hope you reading this gain as much knowledge as I have if not more from them and if you do create something cool please share would love to see what people are up to.


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